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Hi Mr. Kumar

I'm an avid reader of your articles. Probably you can help me out - It's my dream to go to the US, but due to personal reasons I've not been able to move.

I've done my Engg and MBA & I've got 7+ years total work experience, currently working as an SAP Consultant.
I've applied for H1B via a private consultancy (As there is a huge queue for H1B in my office) in 2015 and 2016 but unfortunately, it wasn't picked.

So, I'm planning to do my MS.
I've got a question which I hope you could help me with - Since I've applied privately for H1B, will it affect my chances for an F1 Visa. This was raised by a consultancy who says that this might hamper my chances for an F1 VISA.

Your inputs will be very valuable to me.

Thanks in advance
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May be  or may be not, F1 visa will be mainly check for genuinity as a student. If your answers show that you are applying for F1 just to work in USA, you may be denied a visa. And if they ask you, if you have ever applied for a US H1B visa before, I think you may have to say the truth.
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