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I recently converted from F1 OPT to H4 and H4 EAD. My F1 OPT is valid till Jan 2017.

Thinking it might be delayed, to be on safe side I applied for future effective date from 11/25/2016. USCIS has honored the same in both the cases. So both my H4 visa approval and H4 EAD approval start from 11/25 valid till 6/2018.

Now I am thinking of travelling to India as I might be changing jobs. What happens now at H4 stamping? Should I travel only after 11/25 or is it fine to travel before and get a H4 stamping and then I can use the H4 EAD effective 11/25. Is COS approval to H4 and H4 stamping different or how does it work?

Thanks for your help.

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You can appear for H-4 stamping even before 11/25. Just carry spouse's 797 and go for stamping.

You can return on that stamped H-4 visa. However, you cannot start to work until 11/25, which is the EAD's start date.
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