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My college has terminated my SEVIS on the grounds of Unauthorised Employment. They have asked me to either Reinstate my SEVIS with another college or leave the country ASAP. I think I have 15 days for reinstatement. The college didn't give me any warning or time for me to explain to them. I did do some unpaid volunteering here n there but I never got paid and there is no record as such. In short, I am made to pay here for something every student does.

Though I am trying if some college can reinstate my SEVIS, WHAT IS THE BEST OPTION FOR ME ?  Has anyone gone through this. I have limited time from today.

If anyone can help me on this, I would be highly highly obliged to him for rest of my life.
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3 Answers

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I think you can appeal which can buy you some time..if u did already,  with 15 days you have to look for other schools which I believe you already started..other than that  I think you dont have any options..
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Dear Raman thank you very much for your valuable input. It will help me. I wanted to ask you where to appeal. How to approach the appealing process. The school has already taken the decision on the basis of some evidence and terminated my SEVIS now they are not listening to me. In this case how to do the appealing and where. Can you please suggest me on how to approach the appealing process ?
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If it's volunteering, argue with your university on that ground. Your SEVIS was terminated because of unautharized EMPLOYMENT, if you can prove what you did was just unpaid volunteering work benefitting the community etc. and no kind of employment was formed(no contract, no salary, ideally not for a privately owned company etc.), I think you do have a fighting chance.

Finding another school to reinstate might not be the ideal choice since a record for Unauthorized Emoloyment won't go well with any colleges.
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Thanks Blarbah for your invaluable input. I already put my claim and proof to the college that it was just a volunteering work but they are not ready to have a look at my claims. Every time they say that they have already taken the decsion and terminated the sevis so there is nothing much they can do now. You said I have a fighting chance but where and how to fight ? How to approach this, I am in a highly depressed state as of now. You can understand my situation so I am not able to think in the right direction. Please help me with some more suggestions.
If you have enough evidence to prove volunteering, consult a lawyer. I don't think it's legal for your school to make any decision without thorough investigation. As for now it seems your SEVIS has already been submitted for termination, so unless you can turn it around and get your school to retract the submission there is not much can be done...
Lawyer is saying he can not question any school on their decision as they are free to accept or reject any candidate or terminate anyone as and when they want. Even if he files a case the schools has better chances to win so he says he can help in reinstatement only if some new college is willing to to take up the reinstatement case and then lawyer can help and work with school on how to get the reinstatement done in the right manner so I am trying to look for some college who can take up such cases of reinstatement . Please do tell me if you have some more suggestion, your every word of suggestions is very valuable for me.
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I'm in the same situation and can you please let me know what happened next? I would be grateful to you for any information you provide.

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