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I was checking the status of my case and  It's still in RFE review.

my attorney filed the evidence back and USCIS received on  August 20 2012.

As today is Oct 3 2012

I am so frustrated with the wait. can't do anything and can't commit anything because don't know how long will it take and what is going to happen.

My questions are 

How long will it take to get the response back from USCIS?

Anyone still wait for the response?

Thank you in advance.



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It may depend RFE question. What was your RFE?
A document to confirm that I was in a valid status not out of status when my  employer filed the petition.

2 Answers

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It can take 2-6 months.

Just premium process it (Costs $1225). It ll be done in 15 calendar Days
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Hi There!

My application is at the California Center and my RFE was responded on August 09. Till then, the status on USCIS website is "RFE RESPONSE REVIEW". It has been more than 60 days. It is evident that, responses that were mailed in July 2rd week have not reached the decision phase yet.

My employer is one greedy dumb. The process is taking ever and it isreally frustrating.

Not able to think clearly on anything.

Premium is the only option and I am going to opt for it.

Tired of this stupid process :(
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should I expect that USCIS will response within these 3 days?

August 20th - October 20th.

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