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Hello All,

I was eligible for IWP Dropbox, so i did a dropbox submission on November 16th at chennai Consulate.

Tracked the status in CEAC website and ustravekdocs it says  "18th-Nov : Ready", "19-Nov : Administrative Processing"    passport tracking says "Passport is still with embassy/consulate"


Is this "administrative Processing" cycle part of the visa approval ?


I am worried as the status shows as "administrative Processing" the second day after my documents are received in Consulate.


please let me know if anybody has faced similar situation


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I submitted mine and my wife's on 16th at Chennai. Last status on 18th, it shows "Ready". Please keep this thread updated. I will let you know if our status change.
Hi @ 2020h1b what was your status before ready ? Did u get into administrative processing in CEAC website ?
Jus to update u , my status in CEAC website changed to Issued jus now in 5 minutes , not sure what does that mean
It changed to "Administrative Processing"
Ours changed to "issued". When do you think the passport will be ready for pickup?
Mine was Ready for Pickup on the same day

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Guys "Administrative Procesing" is part of the routine cycle once your case is open/created, so dont worry about admin processing. It will be changed to Issued in a while.


I got mine changed to "Issued" state the next day. Good luck to all
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