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My company is doing process for mine H1B visa but I don't have experience letter of my first company which i had worked on May 2000-Nov 2002,

Please let me know what should I do, I did my Proffesional Practice as part of GNIIT program, I have GNIIT certificate of that company Jan 2002. But don't have expreince letter.

1) Should I dont show that company in resume

Please suggest ASAP.
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1 Answer

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If you have any alternative way of proving that you have worked for that company, try for that.

Example: You can give a self affidavit of working with that company suppoted by the starting and ending payslips, few in between, any official letters(like promotion, pay hike etc), few emails..

This proves that you have worked for this company and not able to obtain the actual letter.

But your work with that company is clearly FAKE. Dont try to show the FAKE as REAL..it will bite you at some point if not now.
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