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Hi ,

My case is being processed at our VERMONT SERVICE CENTER location.

I got a small query related to education certificate, for which reply was sent to uscis. After that the status moved to

Request for Evidence Response Review on 16 July 2014. it say's a decision will be taken in 60 days. Today is 16 Sep

2014 but still status is in RFE Review. I am worried what exactly must have happened. I enquired it with attorney and

he replied that Vermont service center is taking 3 months time to process.

My Questions :

1. Can we now move to Premium Processing ?

2. When can i expect change in status

3. Incase of 1 more Query, will the status still b RFE review.

Please help as i am very much worried as this result is related to many other thing.


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Hi Apoorva ,

Did you got a response??


1 Answer

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1. YES

2. Usually 90 Business Days.

3. It goes to RFE.
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