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I undertand prevailing wage is determine by surveying agencies and they used their methods, but at the time of extending H1B how can you determine what Wage Level you are?


For the initial Petition is easy since you are entry level (Wage Level I) But what about after 3 years? is that considered a Level II ??? o still Level I.


I understand there are 4 diff levels  I,II,III,IV of prevailing wages according to criteria from the Federa Database but how can one determine where you fall under?


Thank you
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This is where an experienced attorney would estimate the level.

In my experience and conversation, your actual wage should be higher than the prevailing wage for your title and geographic location. For example, if you see the four levels and their respective prevailing wage, your level is determined based on your base salary being offered.

Hope this answers.

PS - not a legal advice.
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