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I and my wife are going for H1 and H4 visa interview next to next week at Mumbai Consulate.

I have some doubt regarding things to be carried.

1. What to do with our mobiles and wallets at consulate as they dont allow them in?

2. What is the best way to carry all documents? How to file them? Also how to carry whole Marriage Album which is bulky and large?

3. Heard about locker facility in Mumbai consulate. How to availo that facility? Do i need to pre-book locker for me or is it available on the spot?

Please help me soon to solve my problems.
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1. Do not carry them. Leave them behind at your home, if your are from Mumbai. Keep it in the hotel room, if your from outside.

2. Use a harmonium folder for carrying all documents. In this you have a slot at the top of each compartment to note the type of docs in that (like petition docs, experience letters, education details, etc.). Its better to carry the marriage album, even if bulky.

3. No experience in Mumbai consulate.

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Thanks a lot for this help.

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