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In my passport my surname is missing. Like XXX yyyy zzzz is my given name where XXX is me yyyy is my father and zzzz is the surname. Ideally zzzz should have been is surname field of my passport but it was missed somehow. My situation is I need to file for H1b in the coming week as my employer is asked me to do so. In such a short time I can't get my surname corrected in the passport. So shall I file with the same passport without surname as of now. And then I shall apply for re issue of my passport with surname. So going for stamping can I get my new passport stamped with h1b visa.

Will there be any complications? Are there any chances of rejecting the visa on basis of this? Guys please share your suggestions with me

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Better go for change of name as u hav enuf time
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I had to file for H1B this Monday itself as my employer intimated that Jan  13 is the last day to submit it ....
Any suggestions now on that ?
If its not Cap-Exemption, H1B Applications are only accepted from April 1st of every year... Generally Employers send the H1B applications before a week, but not earlier.. Talk to him

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