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      I got my L1B (Company A)  to H1 B (Company B) approved but COS got abandoned because unfortunately  I had to travel out of US while the transfer was pending. Got the I797C with COS abandoned but H1B approved and clearly says I cant apply for COS amendement.
Now in this situation - I found an offer with a (Company C)
Q1: Is it possible to transfer file the Approved H1B I797C to Company C with COS. If yes, when should be done before OCT 1, ?
Q2: Can I take up the H1B job (Company B) in December after getting my visa stamping next India visit...Will it make any issue? Because approved H1B I-797 says start date is OCT 1st.
Q3: If H1B visa stamping is denied what will happen for present valid L1B visa?
thanks in advance
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