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Hi RedBus2US team,

I am currently working on L-1 visa in USA with employer A. This year Employer B filed for my H-1 visa, and lucikly it got approved. Employer B after approval, shared only the I-797C. Now when I am asking for I-797 A( Original approval notice)with the new I-94, they are saying it will be shared once i join my first project.

My question is can they hold my I-797A like this?And if need arise can i jump to Employer C with the I-797C that they have provided me.


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Some employers hold on to the 797 for fear of you changing employers.

However, they should provide you the bottom I-94 as that will govern your status from Oct 1. Ask them to provide that I-94 at least.

If you want to move to C, you can use just the receipt number for this. If you have approved 797, its better but you can do this w/ just the receipt number as well.
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Hi Sauraubh,
Thanks for the reply.
It  amazes me, how promptly you and the RedBus2US team is helping out everyone with there queries.
All the best.
Thanks again,

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