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My employer filled h1b on April 2013 from INDIA, i got Receipt number on 20th April 2013 and on 27th April my I129 got approved as per USCIS site.

What is I129 mean in H1B Visa ? what does it mean when it got approved ? and What next after that ?

What is I797 ? How long does it take to get I797 once I129 approved.

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I129 is the H1b petition, it has all the information regarding your work, your client/company's information, your own information, what is the job role and how you fit into that job role. Reciept number just indicates that USCIS is processing your  case and is helpful in tracking the case.

Once I129 is approved you need to get your passport stamped with H1B visa. You would need to get an appointment with the US consulate in India for the interview.

I797 is the approval notice which specifies the validity period of the H1 and also serves as a proof that you have an H1. Congratulations for the approval and best of luck for the next steps.
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Can I use I797 for H1 transfer
Hi Ankit,

Thanks for the reply. just wanted to know that within 27 days my I129 is approved, is it likely to be happen ? because what i have heard is that it takes 2 to 6 months to get approve and than you go for stamping. do i need to carry I797 when i go for the stamping ?
Yes, it can get approved even before 2-6 months. You can go for stamping at most 90 days prior to H-1 start date. You will need to carry 797 for stamping.

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