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Hi, my H1B petition for 2013 was in RFE response review for a long time from oct 16th 2012. Upon inquiry by my employer, i was informed, my petition was approved and approval notice will be sent shortly. I have not yet received my approval notice and im worried on the same. Can anyone suggest what can be done in this case. Any inquiry with USCIS takes a long time to get a response. Also, my petition status stil reflects RFE response review in online.
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Your employer/attorney should receive the notice and not you. Did you check w/ them?
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Yes, i checked with my employer. My employer has not yet received any approval notice. They have raised a request with USCIS on the same. Yet to get any response on this new request. They say the average waiting time for any request made with USCIS is 60days. Is this correct? Is there any deadline before which all 2013 petitions needs to be processed? Im extremely worried as the case status in online does not reflect proper status and the response from USCIS is also not immediately.

Also, tell me due to deadlines expiry, will they cancel my petition?
Usually it is 30 days. The RFE itself needs to be responded within 60 days typically.
Soozi: When did you receive your approval notice? My H1B was approved on Oct, 16 and I have not received it yet. Your case will give me some idea.
Hi, i got my approval notice after 2-3 months. It might generally take 4-6 weeks time to receive it.

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