Apply EAD on L2 Visa Checklist of Documents

Apply L2 Visa EAD card – Documents Checklist, Sample Cover letter

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One of my very good friend Babu applied to get EAD Card for his wife, who is on L2 Visa and got it successfully without any issues.  One of our blog readers asked few questions regarding the same. He was kind enough to answer them and share the sample cover letter template. Thanks to Babu for taking time to answer and letting us share it with our readers !

1. I would like to know the list of forms to be filled for EAD on L2 Visa. Apart from  I-765, do I need any other form ?

Only I-765 Form

2. Checklist of the supporting documents for applying to EAD on L2 Visa :

– Filing fee – Currently $380 (Please check on USCIS site for latest fees)
– I-765 form
– L1 approval notice of spouse
– Copy of Passport
– Copy of I-94
– Two photographs
– Copy of SSN (If you have)

3. Should it be e-filed or sent through regular mail? Which would be processed faster ?

Both of them take same time. If you do e-filing, you would have to send your docs by regular mail later. So, it is preferred that you send all the documents through regular mail at once, it will be easier instead of e-filing.

4. Is a covering letter required? If so what should it contain?

Nothing in specific. Just the list of documents. Download it from link below:
Sample Covering letter L2 EAD Card USCIS

5. Its been a week since I’ve come , Can I apply immediately or should I wait for a specific lead time?

We can apply immediately.

6. How long is the L2 EAD card valid?

As long as your spouse L1 is valid.

7. In case I go back to India before I receive the EAD , can I ask someone to pick it up? Will I be able to use it when i come back again?

EAD card comes by mail, so anyone can receive it. Yes, you can use it after coming from India.

Experience Shared by Kavitha –  August 2016 

Hello Everyone,

This is the timeline of my application

1. USCIS accepted the application on June 28th 2016
2. Received the acknowledgement # for tracking on 1st July 2016
3. Case status changed to ” Card sent to production” on August 5th 2016 – in the morning
4. Case status changed to ” Application is approved” on August 5th 2016 – in the evening.
5. Case Status changed to ” Mailed the card” on August 9th 2016.

Now i’m waiting for the card , the entire process completed in 42 days. I followed the same document which was shared by Saurabh in this page with some small addition to L1 beneficiary document. Hope this helps!!

EAD Applicant Documents

  •  Filing fee $380
  • I-765 form
  • Copy of Passport including spouse name
  • Copy of Visa
  • Copy of I-94
  • Two photographs
  •  SSN Copy

L1 Beneficiary Documents

  •  L1 Blanket approval notice – I129S , I797
  • Copy of Passport including spouse name
  • Copy of Visa
  • Copy of I-94
  • Copy of Indian Marriage Certificate, issued by Government of Tamil Nadu, India
  • Employment Letter


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Comments ( 285 )

  1. Bikash

    How many does it take for the USCIS to accept the application once it has reached then. I tracked the package and it has received the destination already.

  2. PRHCE

    Which process is faster-online or offline EAD? And what is the reason that for online there is a biometrics and not for offline when in online also we need to send documents by post?

  3. Satish

    My wife is on L2 visa and planning to apply for EAD. She had an EAD card (L2 visa) few years back which has expired now.
    I have some questions about filling I – 765.

    no 10. Alien Registration number or Form I 94 number (if any): ???
    There is Alien Registration number on her previous EAD card so what no. should I write here A# 0r I94 number??

    no.14 Status of Last Entry: ??

    no.15 Current Immigration Status: ??

    (answer for 14 and 15 is L2??)


  4. Kavitha

    Hello Saurabh,

    My application for L2 EAD says New Card Is Being Produced. Do you have an idea how long does that take to be delivered?

    I was not called for Bio Metrics so not sure if i’m missing something.


        1. Upasana

          you are very lucky . I applied on 8th June and my status still is showing that they received/accepted on the same date. When I called them they said that it will take minimum 75 days to process .

          1. Venkatraman


            I also applied on 10th June and my status still is showing that they received/accepted on the same date. 10 days ago when I called them they said that it will take minimum 75 days to process . Now i completed 75 days & still my status is same.
            Definitely Kavitha is lucky to receive it on 42 days.

  5. Pallavi


    Does it make any difference if an employer files your L2 EAD vs an applicant filing on his own? Also, is the applicant bound to work for the employer who has filed for an applicant’s L2 EAD?

    1. administrator


      Either can apply. You are not required to work for them. However, if you have signed an contracts when they applied EAD for you, then its a different thing.

  6. Upasana

    Hi Padmaja, Can you please help me out the point no 16,17 and 18 answers ” who may file form 1-765 form” as you recently filled-up the 1-765 form for for L2-EAD. I am going to to apply L2-EAD.


  7. Upasana

    I am applying for L2 EAD, I have a doubt about point no 16 ” who may file form 1-765 form”
    Can you please help me out what the answer for that .


    1. administrator


      You should put “(a)(18)” as response to 16.

      Question 17 and 18 are not applicable as they are for F-1 OPT and H-4 EAD applicants.

      1. Upasana

        Thank you Saurabh for your immediate reponse , I belong to L2-EAD not belong to both F1 and H4 EAD. Is required to fill up 17 and 18 for L2-EAD case?

        Question 17 and 18 are not applicable as they are for F-1 OPT and H-4 EAD applicants


        1. administrator


          Read again what I said. You are NOT required to fill 17 and 18 as they are for F-1 and H-4 visa holders; which means You are NOT required to fill 17 and 18 as you are on L-2.

  8. Padmaja Giri

    I had applied for EAD on 1st week of Feb 2016 and the UCSIS received my documents on 9th Feb 2016. Its already 3 months on 9th May 2016 and I have not received my EAD. The status on USCIS still shows “Case was Received”. I called USCIS and they raised an ticket and told to follow up only after 30 days, apart from this they gave no reason. Not sure whats the issue. Can anyone help? How much time EAD is taking these days?

    1. administrator

      Padmaja Giri,

      You can look at processing times on USCIS site for I-765 (EAD application). I assume this is for H-4. They are currently processing Jan 18 applications for VT center and Feb 16 applications for CA center. What is your center?

      1. Padmaja Giri

        Hi Saurabh,

        Thanks for your reply and the information you gave.
        I had called the USCIS call centre and they themselves can’t answer how much time it will take to process. I have applied for L2 EAD and mine is VT centre i guess as the receipt no. starts with LINxxxxxxx. It’s already 90 days past and still waiting eagerly.

        1. administrator

          Padmaja Giri,

          If the receipt number starts with LIN, then it is Nebraska Service Center whose processing time is Feb 16. However, it has been highlighted in yellow which means they are experiencing processing delay. Not much you can do except wait for them to provide next update.

  9. Shipra

    i want to know , how to submit fees for EAD , I have already filled the form and collected supported documents, next is what?

  10. Sakshi


    I applied for ead in Nov,2015 and got the confirmation from USCIS that the case has been received. But I haven’t received the I797 form by mail. I have called USCIS and asked them to send again.
    I want to know, will this affect the total turn around time for my EAD card to come ?


    1. Shipra

      Hey Sakshi,

      Can you help me in letting few information regarding L2 EAD, as my new to it . I have already filled my form but need to gather few information if you can help

  11. manjunath

    Hi Forum,
    I have submitted I-765 through online.
    I have few questions ?
    after submitting application through online, should I wait for official Receipt Notice from USCIS or can I proceed with submitting my documents with cover letter ?

    as part of documents I am submitting following :
    1. Spouse passport copy
    2. Spouse I-94
    3. Marriage Certificate
    3. L1 I-797 copy
    4. 2 color photgraphs.
    5. I-765 form.

    please correct if any thing else need to be sent.

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