H1B Lottery Results- F1 Students SEVIS Update DSO, Get Receipt Numbers?

H1B Visa News
H1B Sevis Number Lottery F1 Student Status

As many of you have applied for H1B Visa 2016 and waiting for the lottery result and wondering about the H1B Processing times, Receipt Numbers there was an update last week from SEVIS giving guidance for Designated School Official ( DSO) also called as International Student advisor, to address the H1B lottery and SEVIS update […] Read More


H1B 2016 – After Lottery – Premium, Regular Processing Receipts, Time

H1B Visa News
H1B 2016 Premium and Regular Processing Recipts and Time

As I read the comments on our H1B Visa 2016 page, I can empathize what all emotions everyone are going through…some happy to be picked in lottery, some anxiously waiting for the result, some frustrated with the wait…some upset with the overall system and how it is abused… some swearing at others as they abused […] Read More


H1B, H4 Visa Stamping Experience 2015 – List of Questions – Mumbai, India 2015

Visa Experiences
H1B Visa and H4 Visa Stamping Experience 2015 Mumbai India

One of our readers, Praveen has attended H1B and H4  visa interview along with his family in Mumbai earlier this year. He has taken time to write up a detail visa stamping experience, including set of questions he used to prepare for the interview. It is very well written experience and worth reading for anyone […] Read More


USCIS News Alert : H1B 2016 Premium Processing from April 27th

H1B Visa News
H1B 2016 Premium Processing Dates

As you know, yesterday USCIS released an official press note indicating that they received about 233,000 petitions and H1B lottery was completed. As of yesterday,  USCIS indicated that the premium processing will begin no later than May 11th, 2015. Today, USCIS released a news alert indicating that the premium processing for H1B Visa 2016 petitions […] Read More


Official News : USCIS H1B 2016: 233,000 Petitions received, Lottery Completed

H1B Visa News
H1B Lottery 2016 Completed  233000 Petitions Filed

As many of you know that H1B Visa 2016 cap was reached on April 7th, 2015 and we all have been waiting for the H1B Lottery information and how many petitions were received. USCIS released a press note earlier today indicating the details of lottery and total number of petitions received. Summary of the Official […] Read More


USCIS Official News : H1B Visa 2016 Cap Reached – Will have Lottery

H1B Visa News
USCIS News H1B Visa 2016 cap reached

Well folks, the wait is over, all the H1B visa 2016 predictions as many anticipated have come true,  USCIS received more petitions that required for the yearly cap, we are yet to know the exact number though.  USCIS released an official press note earlier today on the H1B cap reach news. Below are the details. Summary of the […] Read More


USCIS News Update : H1B 2016 Delivery Errors – Second Petition Guidance

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H1B News Alert 2016 Second H1B petition

It is Monday morning in the East Coast and many of the students and professionals, who filed H1B petition for the FY 2016 quota, are keeping their fingers crossed waiting for the news updates from USCIS. Must have been a very long weekend, just thinking of the petition….hopefully you did not think about it..I can […] Read More


H1B Visa Lottery Chances Criteria, Lucky Draw, Probability – Myths

Apply H1B Visa
H1B Visa Lottery Chances and probaility in Lucky Draw

As you know we did H1B visa 2016 Predictions and based on our analysis, it is very likely that we would have lottery to select the petitions that fulfil the H1B cap for this year…I started to notice comments on the blog that have been posted around H1B visa lottery probability, chances or the odds […] Read More


April 1st – USCIS H1B Visa 2016 Season Starts Today, When to expect Lottery ?

H1B Visa News
April 1st H1B visa 2016 Season Start Lottery Date

Today is probably the most awaited day for many of the international students and professionals, who are pursuing their dream to work in US.  As exciting as it can be, it is a very anxious period for all of them as they are waiting for the news from USCIS regarding the number of petitions filed […] Read More


How to select Universities, Graduate Schools for MS in USA ?

Application Info MS-MBA
How to select Universities, Graduate Schools for MS in USA

The biggest question many aspiring graduate students to the USA face at a point, either before taking GRE/TOEL or after, is which school to apply to and how to decide upon a few while there are too many options available. I have been through the same journey and below are the key lessons learnt from […] Read More

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