List of Best Universities in USA for MS or MBA – What’ really Best ?

Decide MS - MBA in US
List of Best Universities for MS or MBA in USA

One of the most commonly asked questions by many students is “can you give me the list of best universities in USA for MS or MBA ?”. I look at the question and then think about myself how my perception used to be a decade ago about higher education in America. It is quite common […] Read More


60 min H1B Interview Experience – Paid Money Trick questions – 221g issued

Visa Experiences
H1B Visa Interview Paid Money Trick questions

Many of our readers write about successful H1B Visa stamping experiences, but one of our anonymous readers shared their H1B experience that was quite intense and involved tricky questions around paying money for H1B.  Thanks to our anonymous reader for sharing his honest experience, it is quite insightful for anyone attending.  You may share your […] Read More


Housing Options in Singapore vs USA – Rents, Buy ? HDBs vs Condo

Living in USA
Housing Options in America vs Singapore Renting and Buying Options

A good house is critical to create a healthy home atmosphere…besides, housing expense is one of the big expense items that can suck away a good chunk of your income either for rent or EMI and can be an influencing factor for your saving potential and lifestyle too… In this article we will review the […] Read More


Summary of New 24 Month STEM OPT Extension Proposed Rule

CPT| OPT| On-Campus
New 24 Month OPT STEM Extension 2015

Many students have been waiting for the STEM OPT Extension rule that was cancelled by a federal court earlier this year. As you know the New OPT Extension rule for STEM graduates was in review with OMB for some time and it was approved by OMB on October 14th.  The actual proposed rule will be […] Read More


Mumbai, Malaysia, Chennai H1B, H4 FY 2016 Visa Stamping Experiences

Visa Experiences
Mumbai Malaysia and Chennai H1B H4 Visa Stamping Experiences

It is quite amazing to get many great experiences from our readers from different cities share with you all.  Thanks to Prashant, Aman-san and other reader for taking time to craft detail visa stamping experience. Interesting Digital Watch drama… You can share yours here to be shared with our blog readers. ————————————————— H1B and H4 […] Read More


3 H1B Visa FY 2016 Biometrics, Stamping Experiences at Hyderabad India.

Visa Experiences
H1B FY 2016 Stamping Experiences Hyderabad India

Many of our good readers have been sharing their experiences to be shared with all our readers. This week, I would like to Thank Rams, Rajesh and Sandhya for taking time to share their experiences with all of us. Rams has given a much detailed experience, special thanks to him. You can share your experience […] Read More


Official News Update: DHS working on 17 Month OPT Extension rule

Immigration| Visas
STEM OPT Extension Official Rule Making In Process

Updated : October 16th, 2016 There has been quite a bit of anxiety among thousands of current and prospective F1 students regarding the 17 Month OPT STEM Extension rule cancellation since August 12th , 2015. We had quite a bit of unofficial information from AILA, prominent attorneys giving us details and status on this, but […] Read More


Public Transportation – Buses, Trains, Taxis – Singapore Vs USA

Living in USA
Singapore Publci Transport Options Train Buses and Taxis vs US Options

The ability to travel from one place to another is one of the key aspects to consider when you plan to relocate to a place. One should either be able to buy a car at a reasonable price, have the flexibility to maintain the same at a reasonable cost, and use the same to move […] Read More


3 Latest FY 2016 -H1B, H4 Visa Stamping Experiences – India

Visa Experiences
H1B Visa Stamping Experiences 2015 – FY 2016 India

Below are some of the H1B, H4 Visa stamping experiences shared by our readers. Thanks to Amolk for sharing detail experience. I have taken experience posted by Ram and added it here. Thanks to them for sharing with all of us, you can share your experience here so that we post it on the blog […] Read More


F1 Visa Students Stock Trading – Allowed? Invest – Buy, Sell and Taxes ?

Living as Student in US
F1 Students Stock Trading Options SSN and Tax Info

Many students are passionate about financial markets…some of them might have been investing in stocks in their home country, before moving to US for education…they want to continue to invest in stocks to have an understanding of the US financial markets…the question is around “Is it legal for F1 students to invest in stocks ?” […] Read More

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